Club Notices

This page will be updated by the webmaster with any club notices after every Tuesday meeting.
Visit this page on a regular basis to keep up with what may be required for the following week
and for advance information on club matters.

Next Meeting, Set Subject Print Competition - Tuesday 23rd January 2018.
Results of the "Still Life" and "People on the Street" print Competitions.

Last Meeting, Morpeth Now & Then with Davy Bolam - Tuesday 16th January 2018.
Report and images on Club News page now.

Morpeth Camera Club 2018 Big Event Announced.
Phil and Gwen Charnock will visit Morpeth on Tuesday 6th March 2018 with a new presentation entitled
"A Life in Photography". See the Local Events page of this website for details and tickets.

Club Training Programme
Throughout the season club programme sec Glyn Trueman runs a series of training sessions on specific dates
Prior to the Tuesday evening meetings. They are open to all club members and topics can be tailored to suit
members needs. If you have a request or need help or are new to photography you can be sure there will be
others having the same problems or questions as you so speak up.
Training sessions on Camera Skills will run from 6.30pm to 7.15pm on the following dates:

Flash, Tuesday 23rd January 2018 – A discussion on the use of flash in photography including use of built in vs. separate flash guns, controlling flash exposure, bounce flash, use of diffusers etc.

Filters, Tuesday 30th January 2018 – The different types of filters including UV/ lens protection, polarising and neutral density (including graduated and ‘Big Stopper’ type filters).

Glyn also invites more experienced club members to join him if you have a particular photographic
skill or knowledge that could be used in the training sessions for the benefit other members.

2018 Coffee Rota.
At every meeting throughout the season refreshments are provided
and each week two members are expected to take their turn on the
coffee rota. This involves serving tea & coffee as required and then
washing up afterwards.
If you cannot "do" your allocated evening please arrange a swop.

Tue 09th Jan - Peter Hetherington & Dave Bisset ✓
Tue 16th Jan - Pat Wood & Peter Downs ✓
Tue 23rd Jan - Chris Earl & Jeremy Cooper.
Tue 30th Jan - Karin Jackson & Myra Jackson.

Members Gallery Page.
All Club Members are invited to submit either four or eight images of their choice on any subject. It is an opportunity for
those that wish, to display a panel of work, to show images with a link or a theme, or just show off their favourites.
My aim is to keep the galleries fresh and for them to be updated on a regular basis.
If not changed they will be removed after 12 weeks. Images to me on memory stick or disc please, max 1400 x 1050.
*New Galleries added from Brian Morris, Karin Jackson, Roseanne Robinson & John Thompson.