Club Rules

This page contains the rules of the club and the rules which apply to competitions.

Visit - Club Rules               (Revised April 2013).
Visit - Competition Rules   (Revised April 2013) & #(2016).


1. The name of the club is MORPETH CAMERA CLUB, referred to below as the CLUB.

2. The object of the Club shall be to encourage the study and practice of photography in all its forms.

3. Membership is open to any member of the public.
    Junior members are those members aged 18 and under.
    Junior members aged under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all Club  activities, unless a
    written agreement, signed by a parent or guardian, is in place to nominate an appropriate adult(s) as mentor(s).
    Membership subscriptions will be determined at the AGM and will be payable within the first month of the
    following season.

4. The policy of the Club will be controlled by the Club Committee which will consist of the following Officers:
    Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Competition Secretaries
    (Prints and Projected images), Publicity Secretary, Webmaster .
    Four members of the Committee shall form a quorum.
    Except for the Chairman, holders of all offices shall retire at the AGM and be eligible for re-election at the
    The Chairman shall serve for a maximum of two consecutive years, with an option of a third year if approved
    by the AGM.
    The Committee shall have the power to fill vacancies in their membership as they occur and to appoint any
    sub-committee that may be required.

5. The Chairman shall control all meetings and will represent the Club at other functions.
    The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and conduct the general correspondence of the Club.
    The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies owing after authorisation by the Committee and will
    draw up a balance sheet at the close of each year.
    The balance sheet will be checked by 2 members of the Club appointed at the previous AGM.

6. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a suitable Tuesday at the end of the Season
    Notice of the AGM shall be published 4 weeks before the appointed date by the Club Secretary.
    Members may nominate other club members for positions on the Committee and can propose changes to
    the Club Rules or suggest items for discussion.
    Such nominations, changes or items must he submitted to the Club Secretary in writing at least 14 days in
    advance of the AGM. All nominations and proposals must be seconded by a Club member.
    The AGM will:
    a. receive Officers' reports and discuss matters arising from these reports;
    b. elect Officers.
    c. discuss and where necessary vote on items included in the agenda
    Only those items included on the Agenda will be voted on at the AGM.
    If a quorum (50% +1 of the members is present) and matters arise which require a decision to be taken,
    then at the discretion of the Chairman and the will of the members present a motion may be proposed and
    a vote taken.

7. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee or by six members on written request to the
    Club Secretary stating the purpose for which the meeting is called.
    The business to be transacted at such a meeting shall be specified in the notice convening the meeting and
    only such business shall be transacted. Twenty-one days notice of a Special General Meeting shall be given.

8. All General Meetings shall be convened by giving at least fourteen days notice in writing to the members.

9. Committee Meetings will be convened at the discretion of the Members of the Committee.

10. No alteration to any rule may be made except at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting
      convened for that purpose.

11. In the event of the Club being disbanded the Committee shall have the power to dispose of all assets then
      appertaining to the Club.

12. Club Competition rules are also Club rules and are subject to Rule 9.


1. All competitions will be open to all members.

2. There shall be no entrance fee to any of the Club's competitions.

3. Competition entries must be the result of light falling on a photosensitive medium and the author of the entry
    must hold the copyright of the entered image.

4. Members may enter a maximum of three monochrome prints, three colour prints, three digital images in each
    competition unless the category of entry is specified by the competition -

    Open Mono   Print Competitions                   -Up to 3 Prints.
    Open Colour Print Competitions                   -Up to 3 Prints.
    Set Subject Mono Print Competitions            -Up to 3 Prints.
    Set Subject Colour Print Competitions          -Up to 3 Prints.
   * Three of a Kind Mono Print Competition        -1 Entry of 3 Prints
   * Three of a Kind Colour Print Competition      -1 Entry of 3 Prints.
#(Plus one further entry of either of the above - See competition notes).
    Open PDI Competitions                               -Enter up to 3 digital images maximum, either colour and/or mono.
    Browell Nat History PDI Competition            -Enter up to 3 digital images maximum, either colour and/or mono.
    Bates Landscape PDI Competition                -Enter up to 3 digital images maximum, either colour and/or mono.

5. Presentation of Competition Entries
    a. All print entries
    * must be mounted, the maximum size of the mount being 20 x 16 inch.
    * show the title on the reverse side of mount
    * have all awards, or anything that may identify the author, covered or removed.
    b. All projected digital image entries
    * must be in JPEG format
    * must have a maximum width of 1400 pixels and a maximum height of 1050 pixels
    * should have a maximum file size of 900 KB
    c. The Committee reserve the right to make changes to the print mount size and projected digital image
    size in the light of information received about competition entries from NCPF or other external sources.
    d. Information relating to the title and author must accompany the entries for a competition and be given to the
    Competition Secretary in writing including the Competition Name, Members Name and Image titles listed
    in order of choice by the author.
    e. All processing work, including cropping and sizing, performed on any entry image (print or projected image),
    must be performed by the author of the image.
    f. Images may be printed and mounted commercially.

6. Members should ensure that all competition entries conform to the published guidelines , or rules if applicable.

7. If in the opinion of the Competition Secretary there are too many entries to be covered by the judge on a Competition
    Night, the entry listed third on the members entry list may be withdrawn from the competition.

8. Judges will be asked to comment on each entry and to place the top five entries.
    a. Every piece of work entered into a competition will be awarded 1 point.
    b. Points will be awarded, as follows, for each category (Mono prints, colour prints, projected images)
    1st Place 6 points
    2nd Place 5 points
    3rd Place 4 points
    4th Place 3 points
    5th Place 2 points
    c. In addition to the above a Judge will be asked to award up to FOUR Highly Commended places each
    of which will gain 1 point.

9. At the end of each season the following Awards will be made.
    * The Bates Cup to the winner of the Landscape competition (projected digital images)
    * The Browell Trophy To the winner of the Natural History competition (projected digital images)
    * Monochrome Photographer of the Year for the member with the highest total score in monochrome
    * Colour Print Photographer of the Year for the member with the highest total score in colour print
    * Projected Image Photographer of the Year for the member with the highest total score in projected image
    * Photographer of the Year for the member with the highest total score accumulated from work submitted in Club
    competitions over the season.
    This is regardless of the number of competitions entered but must include at least one entry in a competition of each
    category (Monochrome prints, Colour Prints, Digital projected Images)
    Only Club Competitions offered to an outside judge will contribute points to a total score.

10. Individual prints and projected images awarded 1st Place in any Club competition
* are then debarred from all further Club competitions.
    Prints and projected images awarded 2nd to 5th Place in any Club competition
* are free to be entered a further one more time in any Club competition.

11. Some of the equipment owned by the club is available for loan to Club members for short periods of time.
    So long as members are prepared to be responsible for replacement or repair - the equipment can be used for both
    Club and non-Club activities.
    If you would lke to borrow any of the pieces listed below please speak to the Secretary who will make the necessary         arrangements:
    11.1 Fuji S5800 digital camera, flash card and battery;
    11.2 Digital projector;
    11.3 Laptop computer complete with a variety of programmes.
    11.4 Illuminated print box;
    11.5 Nikon slide scanner and software;
    11.6 Set of speakers for use with a laptop computer;
    11.7 Slide projector and projector stand.

    It is the responsibility of members to ensure that borrowed equipment is returned at the agreed time and
     especially that it is not left at home if the holder is going to be away for an extended period.