Club Meeting, "Leading Lines" Challenge Results - Tuesday 11th April 2017.

On Tuesday 11th April 2017, Vice Chairman Mark Harrison presented the results of his latest challenge where he
had asked camera club members to extend their photographic skills by trying different techniques and then share
their results. This month members had been tasked to go out and shoot "Leading Lines".

"Leading Lines" are one of the most effective and under-utilised compositional tools available to photographers. They
can be used to draw the viewers attention to a specific part of an image, whether it's a person or item of interest or
to lead the eye through the frame to a vanishing point in the background. Classic examples of leading lines can run
from left to right and from right to left. They can run up or down through the centre of an image or follow a curve
or an "s" shape and once mastered can greatly improve the composition of an image. Lines can be formed by man
made structures like piers, groynes, railway tracks and roads or by natural elements such as rivers, valleys, trees
and beaches.

The following fifteen members responded to the challenge Dave Bisset, Jim Buglass, John Thompson, Karin Jackson,
Davy Bolam, Roseanne Robinson, Ursula Pearce, Alastair Cooper, Peter Downs, Sue Dawson, Pat Wood, Glyn Trueman,
Kate Phillipson, Andrew Roberts and Paul Appleby. Some of the results are shown below with one image from each
author displayed.

The aim of the challenge was to encourage members to expand their knowledge, to really look at what they are taking
before pressing the shutter and to have fun. Without the restrictions of a competition, members were free to interpret
the challenge as they saw fit and to use post production techniques and manipulations to enhance their work if desired.
These results show that we all see things differently yet everyone was able to work to the brief and capture examples
of "Leading Lines". The variation in the subject matter made for a good evenings viewing as each author discussed their
thinking behind each image. Club Chairman Glyn Trueman thanked Mark and all those who had submitted work for the