Club Night, A Different Perspective - Tuesday 7th November 2017.

On Tuesday 7th November 2017, Morpeth Camera Club vice chairman John Barnes presented the results of his autumn
challenge. Throughout the season members are given set tasks aimed at encouraging them to try different techniques
and learn new skills that may improve their photography. Those that wished were invited to take part by producing a
number of images to a set criteria, within a timescale and then show and discuss their results.

In this challenge thirteen authors had submitted ninety nine images on the theme of "A Different Perspective" where
they had been asked to take images of the same subject from both a classic and a non classic viewpoint and share the
trials, tribulations and thinking behind their efforts. John had suggested that the classic view was a standard eye level
shot, similar as to what one would find on a postcard and that for the non classic view one should walk around one's
chosen subject looking for different viewpoints rather than just changing lenses.


Bridges, churches, flowers and architecture were popular subjects and it was clear that many authors had put a lot of
thought and effort into looking for different aspects. "Looking up" had resulted in images of ornate street lights, lines
and shapes of modern public buildings, church roof interiors and stunning skies. "Looking down" saw images of sharp
reflections in water, spiral staircases, patterned floors and colourful flowers. Shooting with the camera at "ground level"
showed insects and birds to be increased in scale and trees and monuments to become commanding and powerful.


Several images had seen leading lines and diagonals used to good effect as well as utilising arches, doorways, bridges
and goalposts to frame the chosen subject. Photographing through a crystal ball, panoramic shots on a bridge, close up
details of shopping trolleys to a head on view of a ship. From "looking into" a clock to "looking out" of an office window,
images in monochrome, hdr, colour and infra red, all entries showed creativity and imagination.


Throughout the presentation each image was discussed, with thoughts and ideas exchanged between photographer,
presenter and the audience, making it an enjoyable and interesting night. Club Chairman Mark Harrison then thanked
John for his efforts and all those that had submitted work for making it a successful exercise.

Davy Bolam.