Club Visit, " Loud and Flashy " Studio - Tuesday 9th May 2017.

On Tuesday 9th May 2017, Tweleve club members attended the Loud and Flashy studio in Ashington for a practical portrait
evening. Following Simon Drews excellent presentation given to the club earlier in the season, he kindly offered his studio
to the camera club to take it a step further. He explained and demonstrated the different lighting setups that are the most
commonly used in portrait photography, including Butterfly, Loop, Rembrandt, Split, Broad & Short. The aim of the evening
was for each member to try these lighting methods whilst photographing a live model. Members split into two groups and
each group was allocated a model with Nicola in one studio and Yazmin in the other.

Club Chairman Mark Harrison is a regular user of the studio and whist he oversaw one group, Simon looked after the other
before they switched rooms and models to try different techniques. After the standard light setups had been tried by each
member the evening continued with the emphasis on coloured lighting and its effects in portraiture. All too soon the studio
time was over with members so involved that the session had flown by. Simon Drew was thanked for his hospitality and
expertise and the models for their time and efforts. Members have agreed to forward images taken on the evening to
Nicola and Yazmin for their portfolios. Looking at the results on the back of most cameras it would appear to have been
a successful evening and one that may be repeated in the near future.