Club Walk, North Blyth - Tuesday 15th August 2017.

On Tuesday 15th August 2017, the penultimate visit on this summers programme of evening walks took us to North
Blyth, a small hamlet on the headland between the River Blyth Estuary and the North Sea. A warm and sunny evening
saw ten members meet at the cliff top car park and wander south east past the Port of Blyth Ship Unloading Facility.
Here three large orange silos store bulk materials, unloaded from vessels by a suction crane on the quayside, before
being transferred to freight wagons for distribution by rail.


Also dominating the skyline in this area is a huge 128 meter high wind turbine. With a rotor diameter of 104 metres,
standing below the blades brought home its sheer scale and power. This structure replaced the nine smaller turbines
that once lined the North pier, yet it produces the same amount of energy. The white turbine against a clear blue sky
made it an interesting subject for photography, along with tugs berthed on the quayside, old jetties, fishermen and
several river navigation markers. From our position on the north side of the river, the old pier led the eye out to sea
with St Marys Lighthouse visible on the distant horizon whilst opposite we saw Blyth from a different perspective.


Walking back along the cliff top, the evening light illuminated the coastline as it curved around Cambois beach, Sandy
Bay and on to Newbiggin by the Sea, in sharp contrast to a crashed and abandoned burnt out car on the rocks below.
We continued down towards Battleship Wharf, past several rows of terraced houses and a new micro brewery, to the
old coal staiths on the river. A huge barge was berthed at Wimbourne Quay along with several small service craft used
on the new offshore wind farm project.


Reflections on the water, close ups of rust, old wooden beams, sea birds and yellow orange lichen were all captured as
the sun set over the estuary. With the light fading the group then returned to the start point, ending a pleasant evening
of photography at a different location. Thank you to all who attended.

Davy Bolam.