*Vice Chairman's Challenge 2 - Winter 2017.

Vice Chairman’s Challenge – Storylines

This challenge moves seamlessly on from perspectives to storylines.
I would like you to submit 4 images which contain a story.
Your image needs to impart a beginning, a middle and an end.
The viewer should be able to see the story or read a story into the image.

Look at the image below and think of the questions it raises?
Is it a Parade or Festival?
What type of Parade is it?
Is it the start, the middle or the end?
What is the woman looking at?
Why is she there?

The composition and situation leads to many questions and possibly many stories.
Submit either new images or look through your hard drives to see what you already have captured.
Submission will be Tuesday 13th February 2018 so crack on.

Our Vice Chairman, John Barnes has now circulated details of his latest challenge on ‘Storylines’. For this challenge John would like us to send him up to 4 images that contain a story. Each image needs to impart a story with a beginning, middle and an end, in which the viewer should be able to see the story or read a story into the image.

The images should be in the usual club format (up to 1400 x 1050 pixel jpeg files) and should be s_ubmitted to John by mid-January.

For further details see the message from John (distributed by Dave Bisset). Information about this challenge will also be appearing on the Club’s website.