Vice Chairman's Challenge 3, Quotations - Spring 2018.

Find below 5 quotations and their authors.
The challenge set for the members is to produce 2 images that represent one or more of the quotes.
Everyone should find or produce something which is not a usual type of image for that person and has not been
shown before. Members should think widely/laterally to get some sort of inspiration / direction from a quote and
then use imagination, creativity, personal preferences and approaches.
Each person will introduce their images, followed by discussion across the room.

The quotes are:

1."Landscape is no longer characterised by wild or unspoiled nature for man has stamped his mark upon it:
   intensive farming; urbanisation; communication lines; electrification; industrial wasteland; battlefields or leisure".
   Henri Perez - Magnum Photographer

2."Water, water every where and all the boards did shrink; Water, water every where nor any drop to drink".
   Samuel Taylor Coleridge

3."I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree Indeed, unless the billboards fall I’ll never see a tree at all".
   ‘Song of the Open Road’,Ogden Nash

4."She uses the light of a window as some photographers use batteries of carefully placed lights".
   Patrick O’Donovan - journalist

5."Technical efficiency is common place in our modern world but the..[photographer ] ..who will use..imagination
   is a rare    creature".
   Madame Yevonde – fine art / fashion / portrait photographer.

I am only asking for 2 images per person which I hope will encourage more people to join in. We have a group of 40+
members and only a small number take part. I would like to see more members join in and make it a fun night.
Can I have all submissions on a USB stick on Tuesday 10th April for the Vice Chairman’s night of the 17th April 2018.
Thanks and good luck